By choosing to Sponsor Shadow you are contributing towards his bills for care, feed, veternarian and farrier. Each one of these is essential to his well being and strong recovery. To see his story please go to our "Our Stories" page. To get to this click on "Our Stories" on the top menu.


What's in it for You? 

- Once you sponsor an animal you will recieve a monthly picture of him/her (by mail     or email) and a short summary of how their month has been.

-You will also be told how your sponsorship donation benefited this animal for that    month. 


More Details

- Each animal can have an endless amount of sponsors. 

- The amount of your monthly sponship can be more than $20 or less (If under           $20, no monthly mail is availible only email). 

- A person is not limited to amount of animals they sponsor or how many                   sponsorships they have for each animal

Sponsor Shadow